Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Top 4 London and NY Fashion Week Looks

As you probably are already aware, it's that time of year again where the major cities around the world host their own Fashion Week. New York and London are done and dusted for the year, while Paris is up next week! 

Here are some of our favourite looks for the New York and London shows. 

New York: 


Above four images thanks to
How gorgeous are these prints from designer Altuzarra? 

You can get the look of the #girlboss blazes with shoulder pads right here on our website! Have a look at our great selection here.


The above images are from

This was the Iraq-born, Southern Californian's debut at New York Fashion Week. And what a debut it was! Beautiful red-carpet worthy gowns took to the floor while the audience seemed to look on in awe. 
Pictured above are some of our favourite looks from this show - Don't forget we have a HUGE amount of chiffon colours - so have a look on the site and get this look and re-create your very own Oday Shakar inspired dress!



The above images are from

We adore this tough and soft look. And you guess it, we have some amazing Italian and French lace in store, 
to get this great look. (Not quite so sure how we feel about the crocs though!).


Last on the list today is the Caroline Herrera read-to-wear show. The iconic designer celebrated 30 years! 
These gowns are so stunning and beautifully designer. Love the feminine high waistlines What great pieces to get inspired by. Make sure to jump on our website so we can help you with whatever amazing creations you have imagined. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

COMPETITION TIME - Win an amazing Hawes and Freer Sewing Kit!

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Just like iconic Vogue editor from the 50s, Catherine Mcmanus; we're huge fans of chiffon. We have decided to do a spotlight on this wonderful fabric including a giveaway! Keep reading to find out how to enter and what you can win. 
3 mts of 100% poly chiffon in a colour of your choice.
1x Box of Entomology pins.
1x pair of wide bow scissors.
1x invisible to match - any length or colour! 
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Here's some chiffon garment inspiration: 
Shop Chiffon
If you're interested to know more about our Chiffon fabrics please contact us.
The friendly team at Hawes & Freer Ltd are always happy to help! We may have what you need.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Interview with Bobby Luke of Campbell Luke

Bobby Luke and Jason Park 

 I sat down with the uber talented designer Booby Luke of Campbell Luke and asked him some questions in between his busy busy week at

HF: Congratulations on being part of the New Generation Show (at NZFW16) ! How would you say you have evolved as a designer since graduating?
BL: I guess debuting at Miromoda last year critical decision making was needed about where I wanted to go and what was hopeful of my future, still studying I continued onto this year in persist of my masters in visual arts, which has become another component of my design process that seems to be suffice and less ignorant of what's surrounding design influences fashion is not art it is applied art. Evolving as a small label the collaboration with Jason park (Uni mate) has definitely evolved the label into a new avenue which seemed appropriate as my aesthetics come from mens wear. The next step forward would be to create a better presence in the market and really finding out identity that people will relate to. A Key part is people establishing relationships and sustaining them we are hopeful to wholesale in the near future

HW: Tell us more about your collab with designer Jason Park. What bought you two together and what can we expect from the show?
BL: Jason and I meet in first year while studying fashion at AUT we were just good mates and towards our 3rd year he majored in men's wear tailoring, I would consider Jason as a real craftsman he has an understanding of men's fit and have the ability to execute garments with integrity. But also because this is his debut at fashion week we decided that we use culture as a bases of what aesthetic we wanted to portray, Jason whom is Korean and me as a Maori, drawn upon our cultural identities the concept was to bind and weave out own cultural practices particular to certain time periods Jason draws from the Joeson Dynasty period and I draw from post-colonial New Zealand.

HF: Will there be a range available to the public?
Hopefully soon ! We are in the process of production etc... But I have a thesis too write as well! I’m so busy busy busy.

HF: How do you start your design work – do you start with the fabric or trimming or do you start with sketches?
I actually start with researching, I research significant events or particular methodologies of artists and issues and current affairs, I'm interested in philosophical ideas behind other creatives in the context of understanding art, Toi Maori, geological significances, whakapapa, and genealogy. From there I make art as an artist and draw from my own art into a design practices which start with tactile inspiration, weather its texture of an old vintage carpet, Mum’s tea-towel that's 12 years old, my baby clothes. Visual nuance that trigger absence of nostalgia, this then I look for in fabrics that are similar to this, then I start to think about the body and what type of proportion I am thinking of for next season.. And the carry on through a design process.

 Luke's debut collection .
HF: Do you mind sharing what Hawes and Freer products (if any) you’ve used in your range?
All of our buttons this season are Hawes and Freer, the shirt and jacket fusing – you’re a one stop shop!

(View our buttons and fusing options).
HF: What are your favourite fabrics to work with?
LINEN, LINEN, LINEN! Tight weave linen, loose weave linen; waxed linen… wool is another favourite and a beautiful crisp shirting fabric.

HF: What are some fabric trends you foresee in the coming future?
I am unsure as I'm always drawn to fabrics that are always classic and timeless, unlike the trend of bonded fabric and neoprene, but I feel like soft fabrics would be next.

Friday, August 26, 2016

NZ Fashion Week 2016 Highlights

Phew! What a crazy busy week NZFW16 has been; but great as always. Here are a few of Hawes & Freer's favourite images from the week thus far. These designers are younger to the industry, and we love working with them and seeing our products come to life on the runway.

As NZFW 2016 comes to an end today, we are now looking forward to the beginning of NZ Fashion Weekend! 


Images courtesy of Sans Pareil and

Harman Grubisa 

Images courtesy of

Wynn Hamlyn

Image thanks to Gathum

Lucilla Grey

Image via

Hope all of our lovely designers had a fantastic week and will enjoy some much need down time!

x H&F

Friday, August 19, 2016

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This week we're introducing our new social media gal, Robecca, along with a feature on shoulder pads, take a look below. 

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Just a quick note to say that we're back on social media, thanks to Robecca Leyden who has joined our Hawes & Freer team as our new social media manager. She's steps ahead on keeping up with the latest trends online and on the runway. Say hi, and if you like what we're posting let Robecca know by giving her a thumbs up!
You can also check out more of her fashion writing on her website Sans Pareil.
Lets talk shoulder pads! We carry a wide range of shoulder pad designs that closely follow fashion trends. This range is available to you on a one pair minimum order basis See our website for more details.